Artfield gallery of pictures and portraits

Welcome to the gallery’s web-site of contemporary Ukrainian artists Olena Mishina and Svetlana Ostrovskaya.


  • whether you purposefully searched our pictures or it happened by chance,
  • you are an art amateur or indifferent to the art,
  • you are a collector, gallery dealer or simple inhabitant,

viewing of our internet-gallery, undoubtedly, will give you pleasure.

Painting of pictures and portraits is our favourite occupation, where the soul, forces and inspiration go into it every day. Result of our work is oil painting on a canvas and graphic arts. Oil, acrylic and mixed painting is presented in a gallery, because the use of these techniques helps much better to reproduce surrounding beauty.

Probably, it is important for each person to surround oneself by comfortable things. That’s why in every stroke we try to reproduce beauty, warmth, inspiration, gladness or sadness, sense of harmony, calmness or emotional experience, to give people that experience which gives them their favourite book, something from their childhood years or wonderful music.

On our web-site you’ll find pictures for designing of family coffee-room or respectable restaurant, hotel and own apartment, municipal apartment and country house.

On top of all that it is possible to order new, unique artwork that an artist will do especially for you. It can be a portrait taken from the photo or from the life, unusual picture or anything else. Thus a picture can be drawn in different techniques (oil paints, coal, sepia, pencil, water colours). As a matter of fact a web-site Artfield is the unlimited field of ideas that grow into reality.


  • if you love painting,
  • if you want to get a really unique piece of art,
  • if you want to surprise the relatives, friends or acquaintances with an unusual gift that will remind them about you for long years,
  • if you get to the web-site of our gallery,

then you necessarily will find something interesting for yourself and your relatives.

Dive into the world of painting and artwork on the web-site of Аrtfield gallery. It’s all for you!

Go to the gallery to view the pictures.

Have a look at artists’ biographies.

Read the artists’ blog.

Five reasons upon which it is worth to buy pictures exactly in the Аrtfield gallery:

  1. Quality, oil hand paintings version (no photoprint).
  2. Creative, unique, original works of art.
  3. All pictures are painted by professional artists.
  4. Variety of styles: academism, impressionism, abstraction, eclecticism, modern style and others.
  5. Getting pictures on the web-site of Аrtfield gallery, you save your money, because there are no dealers between author and customer.

Dear visitors of Аrtfield gallery, it is important for us to have a feed-back, your opinion, your estimation of our artworks. We would greatly appreciate you for your comments on our pictures, comments can be sent by e-mail or you may leave them on the social networks pages.

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