How To Hang a Picture on the Wall

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Do you have any pictures (photos, posts, panel painting)?

If you have one, then we will help you to hang a picture on the wall. We’ll tell you about some methods of hanging pictures on. According to receiving information and using your own feeling, intuition and skills, you’ll choose a suitable variant.

Let’s take a closer look at three methods of hanging pictures on:

  1. Classic method;
  2. Method of hanging pictures on without damages of the walls;
  3. Professional approach.

Classic method

Classic method means hanging pictures with beating a nail or screw nail into the wall. Under the given method it is necessary to take into account the material of the walls, in which the fastening parts will be beaten.

  1. If the wall is made of gypsum wallboard, it is necessary to fasten a screw nail in a wall by means of using expansion anchors. Otherwise screw nail can steal out from the hole. On such wall light-weight pictures can hang only.
  2. If you’ve got the wooden wall, then it is not require some special tools. A nail is simply hammered into a wall. You may simply beat a nail into the wall with a hammer.
  3. If you’ve got the concrete wall, then it is firm. A drill or perforator may be needed. Fast a screw nail in a wall by means of using expansion anchors. Such attachment will sustain weight of any picture’s mass.
  4. If you’ve got the brick wall, you may use the special cementing solution, which prevent the formation of cracks. Cementing solution is poured in the drilled hole before to insert there a nail or hook.

It is also necessary to choose accessories or fixing elements which are used when hanging pictures on and fasten on a picture or a frame.

Simply hanging

It is used for small and light-weight pictures and photos with frames. The system is located on a frame or on a cardboard in the centre of the top.

Picture accessories

Picture accessories


Hanging sort of “Crocodile”

It is used for small and middle size of pictures. It is also situated in the centre of the top. But it is more reliable. So that it can be used for more heavy pictures.

Picture accessories


Hanging sort of “Ears”

Between two attachments “Ear” it is fastened rope or hawser. It suits for middle and large formats. This reliable attachment is used for heavy pictures and mirrors. “Ears” are attached on a frame or underframe horizontally on the right and on the left, on the top of picture or the centre.

Picture accessories

Picture accessories


One more thing…

There is a simple way of attachment without special accessories. It’ll suit for pictures on underframe. It is used for the pictures of any sizes, formats and any picture’s mass. It is needed to hammer two small nails on the top of wooden underframe, on the inside of picture, in parallel to the canvas. A rope or a hawser is easily attached between them.

Picture accessories


How to bend a picture

As a rule, pictures at home are hanged without bending. If you want to hang a picture with bending, you have to simply fast hanging not on the top but on the bottom side of picture. As lower the tiedown system is located then the angle of slope is bigger.

Methods without damages of walls
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“How to hang a picture without nails”?)

There are a great number of reasons which make people do not want to hammer nails into the wall when they are hanging pictures. Someone changes pictures very often and moves them. Someone leases an apartment, and the damage of walls is forbidden. There are people who dislike making holes in walls after fresh apartment remodeling.

If it is applicable to you, but you want to decorate a house, we will describe some methods of hanging pictures without damages of the walls. They are modern ways without usage of drill and nails. They are not so reliable, simple and widely used. That’s why we will consider pluses and minuses of every method.

1. Double-sided adhesive tape

Usual double-sided adhesive tape is more often used for hanging photos and posters. It can be glued on a frame (if picture isn’t heavy) in every corner in squarewise.

If the picture is in a frame, usual scotch tape does not fit. There are a great variety of double-sided adhesive tapes usually for sale in a building shop. It’s got different thickness, width and adhesiveness. It’s better to choose double-sided adhesive tape american-made 3m. Double-sided adhesive tapes 3m can be on the foamed or acrylic basis. Of its own functionality double-sided adhesive tape 3m will replace liquid glue, screw-bolts, drywall screws, riveting and usual scotch tapes.

Double-sided adhesive tape 3m can be inflicted on any surfaces from aluminium, plastic, steel, glass, wood, and ceramics. It will be able to hold even large pictures. Pay attention, that a wall must be naked otherwise a picture will not stick.

Defect: usual double-sided adhesive tape leaves marks on the wall. It will not keep long and it is not suitable for heavy pictures.

2. Resealable adhesive

Resealable adhesive Faber-Castell Tack IT is a plate as readily-removable squares. It is suitable for the temporal gluing on of photos, posters, pictures and other creative works. It does not leave marks and easily removes. It is possible with its help to hang up small and middle pictures.

3. Structural adhesive

It can be of two kinds: polymeric glue and liquid nails. They both reliably connect surfaces. Application identical: apply on bottom side of the frame. For heavy pictures it is possible to apply some glue as a zig-zag or a line on all frame or underframe. And for light-weight pictures it is possible to apply some glue dotty, a bit on the periphery of pictures. After applying of some glue a picture needs to be firmly pressed against a wall and wait a few seconds. By this method you’ll hang a picture well on a wall.

When using of structural adhesive read and follow the instruction attentively. Study compound (acrylic or neoprene (has a strong smell)), instructions for use, for what materials it is possible to use.

Minuses: it will be difficult to take off the picture. At detachment of picture from a wall it is possible to damage the surface of the wall and the picture in those places, where they were glue. Glue can leave marks on the wall.

4. Stickers and fastenings 3m Command

These quality stickers will suit for hanging pictures without the damages of surface. They don’t leave marks even on wallpapers. It is easy to attach and remove afterwards. With its help you can hanging up any pictures and creative works even heavy pictures.

Stickers and fastenings 3m Command can be of different kinds. You can choose any attachments depending on weight of picture and other its characteristics.

Picture accessories

Picture accessories

Pluses: they are suitable practically for all surfaces (painted, lacquered, wooden, glazed tile, wallpapers and plastered surfaces). They stick non-limiting amount of time, taken off easily, does not leave marks.

Minuses practically are not present.

5. Moulding or crown molding

Moulding it is a wall margin or plank, which is attached on a wall, ceiling, round a doorway etc. It is possible to hang up a few pictures on it. It is possible to move pictures easily and place on different levels. This decor well combines with pictures at interior decoration. It can be attached by the special building glues. It is not recommended to attach in a bathroom and kitchen because of high humidity. It is better to attach in a bedroom or living room. Choose firm moulding, it might withstand load of heavy pictures. Then hang up hooks on moulding in a shape of letter S. Then with the help of rope, wire or angling line you can hang pictures.

Picture accessories

There is budgetary (cheap) variant. Take an ordinary wooden stick (plank) without relief and glue it on a wall. Then hammer nails in it. Through them throw a rope, ribbon, chain and hang pictures.

Professional method

Such method of hanging pictures is used, as a rule, in galleries and museums. It is, so-called, suspension system. Nowadays it is more popular at designer’s solution of hanging pictures at home and offices. This method will suit you, if you don’t want to destroy the surface of wall and you need to change displays very often.

Ordering of the suspension system for pictures and its setting can be implemented in specialized workshops.

The suspension system has two types of hanging pictures:

  • the system with hanging pictures on angling lines;
  • the rope suspension system.

The first type is the very simple suspension system. It suits for any interiors, look good in modern apartment. Consists of durable stick from aluminium or steel that is attached to the wall or ceiling. There are angling lines which are attached on durable stick with the special hooks on the end. Angling lines move freely. It is suitable for the hanging pictures and other works of art.

A durable stick keeps to the ceiling or to the wall (wall and ceiling systems) and attached on holders by means of screws.

Due to an angling line which is stretched inside a durable stick, a hook can move to the right and to the left, up and down. The system carries full weight of pictures up to 14 kg.

Picture accessories

The second type (hawser system) differs from previous. Hanging of pictures is realized on the special hawsers. There are next types of hawsers placing: between ceiling and floor, between walls, between ceiling and wall, between floor and wall. There are holders (fixing system) on the rope from stainless steel (or aluminium) for frames and sketch board.

Picture accessories

Picture accessories

This method of hanging pictures can be used for zonation of apartment.

Picture accessories

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